Breaking Waves & Building Teams: The Thrilling Adventure of Wakeboarding

Gaspard de Lacroix
March 5, 2024

Who we are

Skypher is a leading company specializing in automating security questionnaires. We pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions to streamline and simplify the complex process of security assessments. But even for a team as dedicated as ours, a break from the office is sometimes necessary.

Wakeboarding for team-building

Our team-building day began with a sense of excitement as we headed to the wakeboarding location. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and we were ready to leave our digital concerns behind.

For those who haven't experienced it, wakeboarding involves riding on a small board while being pulled by a speedboat. Originating from the perfect mix of snowboarding, surfing, and waterskiing, wakeboarding is an aquatic adventure that gets your heart racing and your team spirit soaring. It's a perfect blend of adrenaline rush and skill, requiring balance, focus, and determination. Our team embraced the challenge with open arms, and even managed to glide on the water!

Wakeboarding as a team activity brings more than just fun; it's a lesson in unity, resilience, and adaptability. Observing a fellow team member conquering waves or providing encouragement to a hesitant beginner weaves precious connections that amplify teamwork.

Tap Into Your Team's Potential

The core values associated with wakeboarding - resilience, mutual support, and self-improvement - align with our organizational culture rooted in innovation, growth and security. Besides, don't we all cherish those moments that push us out of our comfort zones? The adventurous environment inevitably stirs up entrepreneurial spirits, fostering a vibrant and driven team.

The symbol of a wakeboard cutting through water serves as a perfect metaphor for the relentless pursuit of goals in today’s dynamic startup space. Far from the mundane routine of a standard office day, wakeboarding offers a refreshing change of pace and perspective that can reignite your team’s passion.

Our team-building adventure was not only a great break from our routine but also a reminder of the importance of teamwork. Incorporating wakeboarding in your team-building catalogue is an investment not just in your team's skill set, but also in their collaborative spirit.

At Skypher, we understand that developing a company is a team effort. Like in wakeboarding, working together can lead to incredible results! Just as you don't need to be an IT expert to understand security questionnaires, you don't need to be a professional athlete to excel at wakeboarding. Now, isn’t that a wave worth riding?

So, if you're looking for a team that knows how to ride the waves of success, look no further than Skypher :)

Gaspard de Lacroix
Gaspard is our CEO and co-founder. He used to fill out security reviews at his previous jobs in the Pre-Sales team of a B2B SaaS company in New York. He is leading our team sales and marketing efforts and always looking to share his experiences and help our customers.

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