Increasing company efficiency: boosting collaboration with widespread adoption

Gaspard de Lacroix
March 8, 2024

Before Skypher, we used to turn back security questionnaires in 10 days, now it takes us only 1h. Our reactivity to answer questionnaires enables us to be more efficient in our sales cycle and security is now a selling point for our sales team 

About Ubble

Ubble is a European company, acquired by in 2022, which offers a secure and remote identity verification service.

Ubble customers include leading companies such as Uber Eats, Treezor, DocuSign or Stuart.

The Challenge

Streamlining the sales cycle with easy collaboration between security, sales, legal, IT and HR teams

Ubble was struggling to structure and streamline the process of answering security questionnaires. Completing questionnaires was taking over 50% of the security team’s time, causing them to become a bottleneck in the sales cycle. Therefore, collaboration was limited and relationships with other team members were deteriorated.

Ubble needed an automation tool that:

  • Centralizes up-to-date data within a knowledge base to easily access the correct information.
  • Avoids unnecessary back and forths thanks to accurate algorithms, preventing  AI hallucination.
  • Is user-friendly and intuitive for their sales team to get fast adoption, as they serve as the entry point for closing deals.
  • Is capable of dynamically adjusting to the evolution of their business and evolving requirements.

Our Solution

Skypher’s automated security questionnaire solution helps Ubble to be more efficient in their sales cycle and build better relations with clients’ security teams.

  • A smart knowledge base that centralizes, structures and labels all of your security content in one place following an extensive security framework that covers everything asked in security reviews such as ISO 27001, SOC-2, NIST, SIG, CAIQ, HIPAA, etc...
  • A Machine Learning technology trained on 1,000,000+ of security questions combined with GPT-4 to reach 90%+ accuracy and power (real) automation.
  • An intuitive and user-friendly platform that allows the Sales team to rapidly answer questionnaires and close deals without waiting on the CTO, tech, and security teams.
  • Chrome extension for answering online questionnaires with direct integrations with numerous platforms (Whistic, OneTrust, ServiceNow, KY3P, VSAQ, Prevalent, Archer, ZenGRC (Reciprocity) etc…)

The Results

Responding to Security Questionnaires in 1 hour vs 10 days before Sypher

“For our sales team, it's night and day! The security part of a deal, which used to be a complicated stage, has become a non-issue, and we're well ahead of the competition thanks to our reactivity.”

With Skypher, Ubble has managed to:

  • Decrease response times from 10 days to just 1 hour. Ubble leverages their reactivity as a selling point to successfully close deals.
  • Eliminate back and forths with their customers and improve relationships with client’s security teams.
  • Increase overall company efficiency with widespread adoption of the sales team and extremely high levels of collaboration within the company.
Gaspard de Lacroix
Gaspard is our CEO and co-founder. He used to fill out security reviews at his previous jobs in the Pre-Sales team of a B2B SaaS company in New York. He is leading our team sales and marketing efforts and always looking to share his experiences and help our customers.

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